The Rubin
Refuge Field

This painting represents the field of accumulation of merit in which all of the teachers of a specific tradition, their teachings written in religious texts, deities that are the focus of practices in that tradition, and its protectors are visually arranged as a one large gathering. Such depictions are meant for devotional practices and also represent the Three Jewels of the Buddhist Faith.

This field is arranged around the central teacher Tsongkapa (1357-1419), the founding teacher of the Gelug tradition. He is surrounded by teachers, meditational deities, and protectors, shown below. The practitioner would identify with a monk depicted in the lower right, who was probably the donor for this painting.

Geographic Origin
Pigments on cloth, silk brocade

H 64 1/2 x W 40 1/8 x D 1/2 in.

Rubin Museum of Art
F1997.37.1, HAR 556
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