Durga Killing the Buffalo Demon

The narrative of the Hindu goddess Durga—her assembling the weapons of all the gods and overcoming the demigod Mahisha, who endangered the order of the world—is represented here at the moment of her victory. Having chopped the bull’s head off, Durga pulls the body of the demigod from the animal by the hair and stabs him before he can even draw his sword. His two companions kneeling before her, their weapon-bearing arms dropped in defeat, have a vajra (left) and a disk (right) piercing their chests.

This outstanding sculpture perfectly combines the dynamic with the static. The goddess’s powerful stance and fan of arms are balanced by her otherwise delicate features and calm expression. Her fan of arms is magnificently conceived of in three-dimensions, the natural positioning of each arm to her arched back is as if the arm is captured in a different position along an arc.

Geographic Origin
Gilt copper alloy

H 10 7/8 x W 13 1/8 x D 7 1/2 in.

Rubin Museum of Art
C2005.16.11, HAR65433
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