Spiral Incense

Have you ever wanted to bring a piece of art home from a museum? Rubin visitors have this rare opportunity with Spiral Incense, now on view in The Power of Intention: Reinventing the (Prayer) Wheel.

At the close of the exhibition the sticks of incense—which are empowered with mantras of the Buddhist master Padmasambhava and artist Charwei Tsai’s intention to have a positive impact on everyone who sees her work—will be broken up and given to visitors who signed up to receive them.

Each piece of incense should be burned at home with a positive thought. The action will release the pleasant fragrance of the incense as well as the mantra inscribed on it, fulfilling the artist’s intention and your own.

Charwei Tsai
Natural herbs/herbal medicine
Courtesy of the artist
Additional Information
Rubin Museum of Art
  • https://rubinmuseum.org/images/content/7330/_10.01.19_spiral_incense_art_of_the_week__zoom.jpg
  • https://rubinmuseum.org/images/content/7330/_10.01.19_spiral_incense_art_of_the_week__zoom.jpg