AWAKEN Podcast

Hosted by Laurie Anderson

AWAKEN is a Webby Honoree podcast hosted by acclaimed musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson about the dynamic path to enlightenment and what it means to “wake up.” In 10 episodes we dive into the personal stories of guests who share how they’ve experienced a shift in their awareness, and as a result, their perspective on life. From deep introspection to curious life-changing moments, awakening can take many forms, from the mundane to the sacred. Taking inspiration from the exhibition Awaken: a Tibetan Buddhist Journey Towards Enlightenment, we use artworks as a jumping off point and hear from authors, artists, wisdom bearers, and Buddhist teachers, because every journey is different.

AWAKEN guests include comedian Aparna Nancherla; gender non-conforming writer, performer, and public speaker Alok Vaid-Menon; psychologist, author and teacher of meditation, emotional healing and spiritual awakening, Tara Brach; master birth doula and world renowned wellness leader Latham Thomas; musician, songwriter, and best-selling author Amanda Palmer; artist Tsherin Sherpa; best-selling author, activist, and Buddhist Teacher Lama Rod Owens; hospice and palliative medicine physician and author, BJ Miller; Medicine Woman of Seminole heritage and traditional Cheyenne training, Patricia James; and Tibetan Buddhist master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche.

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Podcast Trailer: Welcome to AWAKEN

Episode 1: Facing Chaos with Comedian Aparna Nancherla

Episode 2: Our Divine Nature with Writer Alok Vaid-Menon

Episode 3: Finding a Path with Meditation Teacher Tara Brach

Episode 4: Preparing for a Journey with Doula Latham Thomas

Episode 5: Seizing Darkness with Musician Amanda Palmer

Episode 6: Bridging the Sacred and Mundane with Artist Tsherin Sherpa

Episode 7: Befriending Your Ego with Lama Rod Owens

Episode 8: Dying Is Living with Palliative Care Doctor BJ Miller

Episode 9: Integration with Medicine Woman Patricia James

Episode 10: Awakening with Mingyur Rinpoche


A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment
March 12, 2021 – January 3, 2022