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“What space is sacred to you?” Inspired by our exhibition Sacred Spaces, this question became the genesis for the project “Collected Spaces,” a place in the Museum for visitors to reflect on the sacred spaces in their own lives.

The project provides a place of contemplation and engagement; it’s both personal and shared. Visitors can reflect on their personal sacred spaces, and then add their written submissions to a pool of other responses, creating a ripple effect of ideas and intentions.

In addition to this in-gallery collection, responses are also being virtually pooled together on the Instagram account @CollectedSpaces. This allows those outside of the gallery to share the experience and be part of the project. Reflections have included specific places, people, relationships, feelings and actions, as well as drawings and the transformation of the paper. Below you’ll find a few of the submissions to the project. Add to the collection on social media with #SacredSpaces.

Our exhibition Sacred Spaces reflects and focuses on devotional activities in awe-inspiring places. Learn more about the exhibition.