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Spiral magazine

A free annual publication

The Rubin Museum of Art’s Spiral magazine is a free annual publication at the intersection of art, science, and Himalayan cultures. Each issue offers provocative perspectives on a concept with roots in Himalayan traditions, such as awakening, impermanence, and the fluidity of time. Spiral features articles, interviews, original art and illustrations, poetry, DIY activities, and more on topics ranging from Buddhism to pop culture, neuroscience to social justice activism.

Read Spiral online or pick up a free copy of the latest issue on your next visit to the Rubin Museum.

<i>Spiral</i> 2022: “Healing Practices”

Spiral 2022: “Healing Practices”

The latest issue offers insights into individual and collective modes of repair and recovery, exploring how we seek solace and undergo transformation. In addition to articles and interviews, the magazine features activities to do at home, including a sound practice, plant ritual, writing prompt, and recipe.

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