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A Crack in the World: The Alternate Universe of the Beyul

An illustrated talk by Thomas K. Shor

Saturday, April 10, 2010
3:00 PM–4:30 PM

A slide presentation and reading of excerpts from the forthcoming book A Crack in the World by Thomas K. Shor.
In the early 1960s a charismatic & learned visionary Tibetan lama came to the Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim in order to ‘open’ a Hidden Valley of Immortality. Not only did he propose to pass through a crack in the fabric of reality and go to a place outside the coordinates of longitude and latitude and found on no map, he proposed to take over three hundred followers with him.
Writer Thomas K. Shor was born in 1958 in Boston, Massachusetts. His first modest foray into higher elevations occurred when he went north to attend college in the Green Mountains of Vermont, where he studied comparative religion, philosophy, and mythology. An inveterate traveler and lover of mountains and their peoples, Shor has lived high in the planet’s mountainous realms in such places as Chiapas in southern Mexico, Greece, and the Indian Himalayas. It is there – above 7,000 feet – that he feels most at home, collecting and writing stories.