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A Double Life

Cabaret Cinema

Friday, March 4, 2016
9:30 PM–11:15 PM

1947, USA, George Cukor, 104 min.

Introduced by neuroscientistDr. Annegret Falkner.

Ronald Coleman plays an actor whose life is profoundly influenced by the characters he plays. Playing comedy, he’s delightful, but when he’s playing tragic roles, such as Othello, his personality takes a darker turn.

Coleman won an Oscar for his performance, Miklos Rozsa won for his score, and the husband and wife team of Ruth Gordon and Garson Kanin were nominated for their film noir script. Shelley Winters memorably fills out the role of the squalid mistress.

About the Speaker

Annegret Falkner is a postdoctoral fellow interested in the neural origins of aggressive drive and premeditated violence. She uses a combination of electrophysiology, electromyography, and optogenetics in mouse models. She completed her PhD at Columbia University with Mickey Goldberg in 2012.

About Cabaret Cinema: Emotions/Emoticons

As a companion to the Brainwave series, Cabaret Cinema will screen nine classic films that are driven by nine emotions. Notable introducers will help the audience to understand the importance of the given emotion to the film’s narrative.

Emotion: Surprise

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