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A Warrior for Nonviolence: Celebrating Mahavira, the Jain Prince

Himalayan Heritage Meetup

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
6:30 PM–8:30 PM
Sold Out

In this celebration of Mahavira, the warrior prince who gave up his wealth and power to establish Jainism, practicing Jains will share their insights into their 2,600-year-old religion based on the principles of non-violence, compassion, eco-friendliness, and “truth from many viewpoints.” A gallery tour of Sacred Spaces by Tashi Chodron will be followed by Jain bhajan songs, stories, and hands-on activities presented with India Home.

About Jainism

Imagine there’s no violence or fear or anger. Imagine an earth where the tiniest insects are protected and where everyone understands that there are many truths. In the sixth century BCE a great Indian spiritual teacher, Mahavira, established a religion based on these very principles. Born a prince, he renounced his wealth and power to establish Jainism, a religion that now has ten million followers all over the world.

Presented with India Home: A Center for Senior Care

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