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Birthing Creativity and the Power of the Feminine

Latham Thomas and Kate Johnson

Wednesday, May 1, 2019
7:00 PM–8:30 PM


Metta (loving-kindness meditation)

How do transformative ideas get birthed into being, and what makes them thrive? Learn what the power of the feminine can teach people of all genders about how to nurture, and be nurtured by, the creative process with Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow. The celebrity wellness + lifestyle maven and birth doula joins series host Kate Johnson for the inaugural event of our Compassionate Action series.

The session will begin with a guided loving-kindness meditation practice to help you generate love as both a cultivation and purification practice. Learn practical advice from Latham’s personal path as a mother, doula, maternal health advocate, and entrepreneur, then join in dialogue about how we can empower ourselves and each other to move through fear and create real change in the world.

About Compassionate Action

How can we cultivate the power within us to balance the power between us? Join meditation teacher Kate Johnson, co-creator and host of Compassionate Action, a series of interactive evenings with artists, changemakers, culture creators, and healers who leverage the power of spirit to fuel their transformative work in the world. Each session will include a conversation, a meditation, and an activity to integrate the learnings. You will have a chance to strengthen your skills to access the clarity, connection, and courage needed to effect change in challenging times. We hope you will leave fortified, inspired, and more skilled to turn your wise intentions into compassionate action.

About the Speakers

After giving birth to her son Fulano in 2003, Latham Thomas set out on a mission to help women reclaim their bodies as sacred and celebrate the magic of birth. Today at Mama Glow she leads the fastest-growing doula program in the USA, with doula trainees from every corner of the US and six continents. The program has hubs in NYC, LA, Paris and Miami with a focus on birth equity and activism. A graduate with a dual degree from from Columbia University, Latham is a maternity lifestyle maven, world-renowned wellness leader, and master birth doula on the vanguard of transforming the wellness movement. Named one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100, Latham is bridging the gap between optimal wellness, spiritual growth, and radical self-care and is the go-to-guru for a modern holistic lifestyle for women.

She authored the bestselling book Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to a Fabulous and Abundant Pregnancy, with a foreword by Dr. Christiane Northrup, in 2012, and most recently published the bestseller Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within. Latham serves on the Tufts University Nutrition Council and is also a member of the Well + Good Council, where she provides expertise in women’s wellness, pregnancy, and self-care. In March of 2018, Latham released the meditation audio program, Beditations: Guided Meditations and Rituals for Rest and Renewal. She teaches at universities and teaching hospitals around the country, helping to improve the patient labor and delivery experience.

Photograph by Filip Wolak

Kate Johnson works at the intersections of spiritual practice, social action, and creativity. She has been practicing Buddhist meditation in the Western Insight/Theravada tradition since her early twenties and is empowered to teach through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She holds a BFA in dance from the Alvin Ailey School at Fordham University and an MA in performance studies from NYU.

Kate is a core faculty member of MIT’s Presencing Institute and has trained hundreds of leaders and changemakers in Social Presencing Theater, a mindfulness and dance improvisation methodology used to inform strategic planning and systems change in our complex world.

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