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The Power of Hope in a Changing Climate

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin and Jungwon Kim

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
7:00 PM–8:30 PM


Anapanasati (“Mindfulness of Breathing”)

How do you cultivate hope while facing the devastating reality of climate change? Join author Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, an urban sustainability policy expert, with guest host Jungwon Kim of the Rainforest Alliance in a heartfelt conversation about how we can stay fully engaged in the fight for our planet and our future”“”“and deal with despair in a constructive way.

Ibrahim and Jungwon will share practices they’ve developed to build emotional resilience, ignite effective action, and stay connected to the love we have for the Earth and for each other. Following the discussion, Jungwon will facilitate a brief guided meditation as a strategy for cultivating a calm heart in challenging times.

About Compassionate Action

How can we cultivate the power within us to balance the power between us? Join meditation teacher Kate Johnson, co-creator and host of Compassionate Action, a series of interactive evenings with artists, changemakers, culture creators, and healers who leverage the power of spirit to fuel their transformative work in the world. Each session will include a conversation, a meditation, and an activity to integrate the learnings. You will have a chance to strengthen your skills to access the clarity, connection, and courage needed to effect change in challenging times. We hope you will leave fortified, inspired, and more skilled to turn your wise intentions into compassionate action.

About the Speakers

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin is a bright, playful spirit who authentically reflects and acts on bold questions. His artful blending of idealism and spiritual commitment with pragmatic application has led him into government, public administration, parenthood, and media. His unique voice has helped elevate the environmental vision of Islam, the spiritual opportunity of parenting, and the cultural and political side of sports.

Jungwon Kim is the Head of Creative & Editorial at the Rainforest Alliance, an international nonprofit organization working with farmers, forest communities, governments, businesses, and consumers to build a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.

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