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The Yoga of Social Change

Kerri Kelly and Kate Johnson

Wednesday, June 12, 2019
7:00 PM–8:30 PM


Yoga and Compassion Meditation

How can we expand our notions of well-being from an individual practice into a political movement? Kerri Kelly, founder of CTZNWell, teaches yoga as a way to build capacity for transformative leadership, detox from harmful ideologies that impact our bodies and our communities, and harness the influential power of the wellness industry.

Join us as we align our hearts toward societal well-being in this purpose-driven discussion between Kerri and Compassionate Action Series host Kate Johnson. In addition to theconversation, the audience will learn two short practices: a gentle, accessible chair yoga sequence to embody self-compassion, and a guided meditation to explore the activity of leadership as caring for the whole community.

About Compassionate Action

How can we cultivate the power within us to balance the power between us? Join meditation teacher Kate Johnson, co-creator and host of Compassionate Action, a series of interactive evenings with artists, changemakers, culture creators, and healers who leverage the power of spirit to fuel their transformative work in the world. Each session will include a conversation, a meditation, and an activity to integrate the learnings. You will have a chance to strengthen your skills to access the clarity, connection, and courage needed to effect change in challenging times. We hope you will leave fortified, inspired, and more skilled to turn your wise intentions into compassionate action.

About the Speakers

Kerri is the founder of CTZNWELL, a movement to mobilize the wellbeing community into a powerful force for change. Her work was sparked on 9-11, when she lost her step-dad, a fireman, in the towers. She quickly discovered the power of mindfulness, not just as a tool for personal healing, but as a catalyst for collective change. Since then, Kerri has worked passionately to raise consciousness, organize communities and fight for justice and wellbeing.

A yoga teacher, public speaker and change-agent – Kerri is recognized across communities for her inspired work to bridge transformational practice with social change and politics. She spent seven years as Executive Director of the non-profit Off the Mat, Into the World and has been instrumental in translating the tools of wellbeing into practical application and social action in the public sector; working in collaboration with community organizers, spiritual leaders and policy makers. Her leadership has inspired CTZNWELL, a movement to democratize wellbeing that is actively organizing around issues of economic justice, access to healthcare, civic engagement and more.

You can find Kerri on CTZN Podcast, which is having radical conversations at the intersection of wellbeing and justice. And check out her TED talks for more about her story.

Photograph by Filip Wolak

Kate Johnson works at the intersections of spiritual practice, social action, and creativity. She has been practicing Buddhist meditation in the Western Insight/Theravada tradition since her early twenties and is empowered to teach through Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She holds a BFA in dance from the Alvin Ailey School at Fordham University and an MA in performance studies from NYU.

Kate is a core faculty member of MIT’s Presencing Institute and has trained hundreds of leaders and changemakers in Social Presencing Theater, a mindfulness and dance improvisation methodology used to inform strategic planning and systems change in our complex world.

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