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Dan Bern

Naked Soul

Friday, December 11, 2009
7:00 PM–8:30 PM

Dan Bern is best known for being a prolific songwriter and electric live persona who has released a dozen albums and has spent well over a decade performing everywhere from coffee shops to Carnegie Hall. Since releasing his first album in 1997, Dan Bern has amassed a strong underground following built on endless touring and his prodigious output of songs of all shapes and sizes.

Some of his best albums include 1997’s Dan Bern, 2001’s New American Language, and 2006’s Breathe, all produced all or in part by Chuck Plotkin; and 1998’s 50 Eggs,produced by Ani DiFranco. In 2007 Bern focused much of his energy into motion pictures. He used his talents and sharp wit to compose over a dozen songs for the Jake Kasdan/Judd Apatow music biopic spoof Walk Hard:The Dewey Cox Story. He also wrote the title song for Jonathan Demme’s documentary, Jimmy Carter: Man From Plains.

A true Renaissance man, Dan Bern comes with an eclectic blend of talents and accomplishments. In addition to countless songs, he has written several books of short stories, plus a full-length novel, Quitting Science. His paintings have been displayed in hotels, art galleries and purchased en masse through his online art gallery. He is an award winning sports columnist in the state of New Mexico; a tennis pro who taught tennis to the late Wilt Chamberlain; and he did a vocal impression of Howard Cosell for NFL’s Monday Night Football. And, in the spirit of Cool Hand Luke, he even won an egg eating contest at the 2008 Truth or Consequences Fiesta, scarfing 17 eggs in 10 minutes.

What’s next for Dan Bern? Be sure it will include profound and insightful social commentary, a generous dose of humor, a little tennis, and lots and lots of songs.