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Gerard Senehi + Jesse Prinz

How can a mentalist bend time?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
7:00 PM–8:30 PM

Through accomplishing the seemingly impossible, mentalists’ performances can change the way we think about reality. Gerard Senehi has used his skills as a mentalist to captivate audiences around the world. His manipulation of time and space feels surreal and impossible, as he twists our perceptions and notions of reality. He takes to the Brainwave stage to unsettle our preconceptions of how the world works, and engages neurophilosopher Jesse Prinz in questions about time, perception, and the quest for understanding.

“Gerard Senehi calls himself the Experimentalist. He makes pens and eyeglasses and long-stem roses jump, seemingly of their own accord, out of people’s hands; he changes the times on their watches; he bends keys and coins while they’re still in their owners’ suspicious grip. And in almost every performance, he can be counted on to bum a cigarette from someone in the audience, light it, and then . . . let it go, leaving it hanging in midair before it sails back and forth between his outstretched hands. (As a grand finale, he grabs it with his teeth and takes a puff.)”

—New York Magazine


Gerard Senehi appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:


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About the Speaker


Gerard Senehi is an artist and educator. As an artist—one of the world’s leading mentalists—he challenges people’s ideas about reality. As an educator—Founder of Open Future Institute and the QUESTion Project—his work supports high school students to better understand reality. Through a semester-long curriculum, students can explore some of the most important questions about who they are, life, and the future. These seemingly divergent paths complement each other, as we have to be willing to question and disrupt our ideas of reality in order to better understand it.

Jesse Prinz is a distinguished professor of philosophy and director of interdisciplinary science studies at the City University of New York, Graduate Center. He combines the methods of philosophy and experimental psychology to study topics such as consciousness, emotion, morality, political preferences, personal identity, cultural differences, and art. Prinz is author of over a hundred articles and numerous books, including Gut Reactions, The Emotional Construction of Morals, Beyond Human Nature, and The Conscious Brain.


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