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Paths of the Soul : A Journey into Humanity and Faith

Himalayan Heritage Meetup

Internationally acclaimed filmmaker Zhang Yang (Shower, Getting Home) blurs the border between documentary and fiction to follow a group of Tibetan villagers on a Buddhist “bowing pilgrimage”—laying their bodies flat on the ground after every few steps. They leave their families and homes in the small village of Nyima to travel the two-thousand-kilometer road to Lhasa, the holy capital of Tibet. One traveler needs to expunge bad family karma. Another, nearing his life’s end, hopes that the prostrations will break the chain of cause and effect determined by his life’s actions. Stunningly photographed over the course of an entire year, Paths of the Soul is a mesmerizing study of faith that will inspire viewers to reflect on their own journey through life.

Presented in partnership with Icarus Films.

Tickets: $15.00

Member Tickets: $13.50