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Indian Summer


Wednesday, August 27, 2014
8:00 PM–9:30 PM

The true story of the life-transforming experience of Marinella Banfi, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Refusing western medical care, and turning to Ayurveda, a type of medicine developed in India over thousands of years, changed both her life and her certainties. And she was cured. Together with Pr. Thomas Turz, world-famous expert in the field of oncology, she goes back to India for an exceptional journey of initiation, confronting Western science with ancestral medicine and philosophy. Award-winning English director Simon Brook follows them in their encounters with doctors, priests and scientists throughout the scenic Tamil Nadu region.
Includes a post-screening discussion with Marinella Banfi.
Presented in association with Rated SR Socially Relevant Film Festival

About the Director

Simon Brook is an English director living in France. Since 1991 he has been directing documentaries and fiction. His films include the documentary feature Brook by Brook – a film portrait of his famous director father Peter Brook; Cleopatra’s Lost City for Discovery USA; and Jungle Magic an epic extravaganza about the pop music in the Amazon; The True Legend of the Eiffel Tower for Canal +; Generation 68, a humorous and off-beat look at the 1968 uprisings, forty years later, with interviews with Dennis Hopper, Milos Forman, Mary Quant, and Vaclav Havel; and a prime-time portrait of Britain’s first female DJ, Annie Nightingale for the BBC, featuring Sir Paul McCartney.