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K2 Lounge

ikåtu EP Release Party

Friday, July 26, 2019
6:00 PM–10:00 PM

Cocktails, art, and music make a heady mix at K2 Friday Nights. Café Serai becomes the K2 Lounge, offering a special pan-Asian menu to accompany the evening’s DJ. Happy hour runs from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. with a two-for-one special on all beer, wine, and well drinks. Coming with friends? Click here to learn about group reservations.

About the DJ

Maraliz Campos (ikÃ¥tu) is a Paraguayan-American sound artist who has turned extreme chronic pain into a muse. Fluent in multiple genres—including ambient, industrial and experimental techno, house, low-fi, and world—her live sets are an amalgamation of rich sound traditions, modern tech, field recordings, and voice/instrument looping. Maraliz’s deck skills are informed by her training as a certified sound practitioner, meditation facilitator, DJ, and sound designer. Her workshops, sensory events, original recordings, and teacher trainings around the United States, as well as her wellness work, challenge widely accepted industry narratives. Vice Tonic applauded her as a wellness influencer who is steering the industry towards increased diversity, and Wanderlust named her one of its “35 under 35” in wellness for her pioneering soundscapes. As a Latina living with chronic pain, she promotes accessibility, inclusivity, and wellness for all while teaching us to shift our unconscious reactions to chosen responses. When utilizing the vibrational vehicle of sound, she combines scientific and intuitive techniques to invite self-exploration and reprogramming through sensory access to neuroplasticity.

6 Comunidades – Meditaciones EP Release

6 Comunidades is the first phase of Maraliz’s debut meditation project, with the bulk of the project recorded during live community events. Each track is improvisational and named after the community that contributed their time, energy, and practices during creation. Although these communities are located in different geographical locations, and participants will most likely never meet in person, they are united by the common threads of intentional self-exploration, mindfully vulnerable practice, and their freely gifted participation.

Inspired deeply by such artists as Pauline Oliveros, Aphex Twin, Gregorian Choirs, and Brian Eno, this project reflects a commitment to the meditative qualities of repetition, drone, free vocalization, improvisation, and perfection within imperfection. It is a sonic exploration of our journey through catharsis and the potential for emotional release when practicing non-attachment to strict structures.

The unique quality of each recording highlights the beauty in imperfection and the limitless potential for creation in spite of the fact that a perfect expression of any live sonic performance is unattainable. More broadly, a perfect expression of daily life is also unattainable, yet our daily experience can still be profoundly beautiful.

Within the realm of sonic mindfulness, we release attachment to meaning, value judgements, and perceptions attached to words. Instead, we interact with our role as receivers of sensory input and the power inherent in our capacity to transmute what seems meaningless into cognitive, emotional, and physical nourishment. By easing into the process of deep listening, deep breathing, and deep being, we encounter ourselves as wholly present and entirely free from the confines of language-associated definitions. In that space, we are completely free to be and to become.

Museum admission is free every Friday night from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. during K2 Friday Nights.