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Marc Handelman

Artists on Art

Friday, December 7, 2012
6:15 PM–7:15 PM

Marc Handelman is a conceptual painter concerned primarily with the representation and theory of landscape. His notable projects and exhibitions including Continuous Grounds and Warm White Blizzard explored principles including modulations of light and the texture of surfaces, integral to both our perception of the natural environment and painting. Revealing his research and thinking about landscape in a different medium, Handelman developed the 740-page book Archive for a Mountain, to show a collection of images, advertisements, and text fragments of the view from Eagle’s Nest, Adolf Hitler’s summer mountain retreat in Obersalzberg, Germany. The book also contains highlighted passages from W.J.T. Mitchell’s seminal edited volume Landscape and Power, thus using Hitler’s retreat as an example of a heightened connection between the terms of that title, and inserting his own project into that discourse. Handelman’s engagement with the principles of landscape also extend to its micro structures, leading to the series Dimension Stone, comprised of trompe l’oeil paintings that replicate the surface appearance of different stones.
Marc Handelman lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
1998 Rhode Island School of Design
Mr Handelman’s work will be featured in the exhibition Modernist Art from India: Radical Terrain.

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In conversation withAssistant Curator Beth Citron, speakers from New York and international contemporary art scenes interact with and informally discuss the rich artistic traditions of the Himalayas and surrounding regions in relation to their own practices and processes.
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