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Meditation Retreat: Being With Change

With Tracy Cochran

Saturday, August 11, 2018
11:30 AM–4:00 PM

Join meditation teacher Tracy Cochran for a day-long retreat in the calming and inspiring environment of the Rubin Museum.

Life can be difficult for everyone. We strive to feel better. We seek new skills and understanding. And we may improve a bit, becoming somewhat more relaxed or less quick to anger. Yet deep down we may still feel a certain sorrow and unease. Nothing we do can stop life from passing, or keep unexpected and unwelcome things from happening, or make moments of joy and attainment endure. How can we find peace, freedom, and wise action in the midst of change? Join us for a day of mindful meditation and writing, with a deep look at a work of art in the galleries, exploring what it can mean to let go and be part of the flow of life.

This program meets in the theater. A generous lunch break is provided from 1:00″“2:30 PM for eating and enjoying the Rubin’s galleries and other offerings.


About the Teacher

Tracy Cochran is editorial director of Parabola, a quarterly magazine that for forty years has drawn on the world’s cultural and wisdom traditions to explore the questions that all humans share. She has been a student of meditation and spiritual practices for decades and teaches mindfulness meditation and mindful writing at New York Insight Meditation Center and throughout the greater New York area. In addition to Parabola, her writing has appeared in The New York Times, Psychology Today, O Magazine, New York Magazine, the Boston Review, and many other publications and anthologies. For more information please visit

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