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Night Nurse

Cabaret Cinema

July 11–12, 2014
10:30 PM–12:30 AM

Free ticket with a $10 K2 minimum.
1931, US,William A. Wellman, 72 min.
Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Ben Lyon, and Clark Gable.
In this pre-code picture, Barbara Stanwyck plays the most recent addition to a hospital’s staff of nurses. Her first assignment is the night shift, where she’s to care for two ailing children with a scheming, alcoholic mother, hoping to get her hands on their trust funds. Stanwyck comes toe to toe with negligent doctors, bootleggers and a violent chauffeur, played by a young Clark Gable, in this risqué drama.
Presented in association with New York Professional Nurses Union and introduced by Nurse Edna Igoe.

Movie Medicine Facts
James Cagney was originally supposed to play Nick, but when The Public Enemy (1931) became a big hit, it was decided that he should no longer be relegated to supporting roles, allowing the relatively unknown Clark Gable to step in instead.
Based on the 1930 novel of the same name, written by Grace Perkins under the pen name “Dora Macy”.

About the Speaker

Edna Igoe is a multi-faceted individual who came to nursing after a career as an actress, dancer, singer and teacher. Her background developed naturally from her curiosity about and interest in people and what makes them tick. She is a people person with an assertive but compassionate personality. Nursing and her position as a union representative have given her the opportunity to use all of her skills and experience to advocate medically for her patients, personally for their families, and politically for nurses as a group, particularly as the profession more and more loses its human touch to corporate control.