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Gina Sharpe + Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara + Dr. Pilar Jennings

Spiritual Authority: Its Abuses and Uses

Wednesday, March 20, 2019
7:00 PM–8:30 PM

The scandals rocking the world’s religions—including Buddhism—can make us question the very nature of spiritual authority: What purpose does it serve? How can we stop its abuses?

Join us for a provocative discussion of this timely and important issue curated by Lion’s Roar. Leading Buddhist teachers Gina Sharpe and Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara join in conversation with psychoanalyst Pilar Jennings to break down the benefits and pitfalls of the teacher-student relationship and offer new models for the future.

This is the first of three panel discussions with Lion’s Roar this year at the Rubin Museum. The series will offer a Buddhist perspective on important issues of our time.



About the Speakers

Mission-driven and community-supported, Lion’s Roar provides Buddhist teachings, news, and perspectives so that the understanding and practice of Buddhism flourishes in today’s world, and that its timeless wisdom is accessible to all. They do this by providing as many entry points as they can: our print and digital publications, our website, video, social media, live events, practice retreats, and more. We try to bring dharma to people right where they are, knowing what a difference it can make in their lives.


Photo by Liza Matthews

Gina Sharpe is a leading teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition. She co-founded New York Insight Meditation Center and is a leader in training Buddhist teachers of color.

Photo by Liza Matthews

Roshi Pat Enkyo O’Hara, PhD, is Abbot of The Village Zendo in downtown Manhattan. A Soto Zen priest and contemporary American Zen Teacher, she integrates traditional meditation and koan practice with social engagement and peacemaking. She is the author of Most Intimate: A Zen Approach to Life’s Challenges.

Dr. Pilar Jennings is a psychoanalyst in private practice with a focus on the clinical applications of Buddhist meditation. She is the author of Mixing Minds: The Power of Relationship in Psychoanalysis and Buddhism, and a recent memoir: To Heal a Wounded Heart.


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