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Privilege and Power Dynamics in the Wellness Industry

A Long Table Conversation with Sound Therapist Sara Auster

Saturday, June 15, 2019
11:15 AM–12:00 PM

Wellness trends have become an answer to daily life’s stresses and anxieties. Yoga and meditation techniques can teach us to quiet our minds and focus our thoughts in the most erratic of circumstances. Yet despite the myriad benefits of the burgeoning industry, questions of inequity arise: Who has access and who benefits most? Are socioeconomic, social, and racial diversity being considered? What are the power dynamics at play between teacher and student, social media wellness “influencers” and those they influence?

Bringing these topics to the table is Sara Auster, a sound therapist, meditation teacher, and artist based in New York City. Along with peers from different aspects of the wellness world, including Alex Falk, Anthony Demby, Michelle Mitchum, Lindsay Mueller, Winston Peters, Erin Telford and Kevin Lamb, Auster she invites us to share the table to talk through these aspects of wellness and how practitioners might be more responsible.

The Rubin Museum invites you to take a seat at the table. Throughout our Year of Power, we are hosting The Long Table, an open-source participatory project conceived by artist and activist Lois Weaver, which provides a forum for visitors and community groups to engage in a series of conversations on sharing power.

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