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Sandip Chatterjee with Subhajyoti Guha

Rhythms of India

Friday, October 27, 2017
7:00 PM–8:30 PM

From timeless ragas to contemporary fusion, performers explore the varied traditions of Indian music in our intimate, cherrywood-lined theater.

About this performance

This concert will feature classical ragas and semiclassical compositions on santoor accompanied by tabla. The classical portion of the performance will begin with an alap, a musical introduction unfolding the raga without any particular rhythmic structure. After the alap the tabla joins in rhythmic compositions rendered in talas, or rhythmic cycles of seven, nine, or ten beats followed by teentaal, or sixteen-beat cycles in a fast tempo.

Following this classical rendition, the musicians will present semiclassical compositions in a lighter mood based on ragas such as Kafi, Khamaj, Pahari, and Piloo. During the entire performance, there will be several melodic and rhythmic improvisations from both artists created on-the-spot during the performance. The audience will witness a unique musical creation that will never be repeated, a specialty of Indian classical music.

Musical performances at the Rubin Museum are made possible through the generosity of the Carlo and Micól Schejola Foundation. This concert is presented with Harrice Miller Entertainment. Sunny Thakkar is a community partner.


About the Musicians

Sandip Chatterjee is an accomplished santoor player and a disciple of Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya and vocal maestro Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty. He has been heralded for bringing together Maihar gharana (a school of Hindustani/North Indian classical music) and Patiala gharana (a school of vocal Hindustani classical music) in his performances.

Sandip has performed around the globe and collaborated with international musicians across many genres including jazz, rock, contemporary, and fusion. He has won many awards for his music and produced over twenty albums.

Subhajyoti Guha was introduced to tabla at a young age by his father, Dr. S.R. Guha, and continued his training with tabla maestro Pt. Sankha Chatterjee. Over the last fifteen years he has accompanied many musical stalwarts such as Utd. Shahid Parvez, Pt. Vishwamohan Bhatt, Pt. Ronu Majumder, Pt. Nayan Ghosh, Vidushi Purnima Chaudhuri, and Vidushi Kala Ramnath. Subhajyoti has also expanded his horizons into the experimental music scenes and other genres with his band AMEYA, based out of Toronto.

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