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Screening: The Face Transplant Surgeon

Lunch Matters

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
1:00 PM–2:30 PM

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Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez is the surgeon responsible for the first-ever successful complete face transplant. Two years ago he conducted a delicate and dangerous operation that lasted a record-breaking 36 hours. How was he able to maintain concentration for such a long time? In this Brainwave session we aim to find out. This is a filmed conversation from last years’ Brainwave series.

Includes a post-screening discussion moderated by neuroscientist Leah Kelly.

About the Speaker

Leah Kelly is a neuroscientist at Rockefeller University. She uses electrophysiology and optogenetics to map the neural circuitry underlying appetite. Recently her research has expanded to include the magnetic manipulation of neuronal activity. She has consulted on artistic projects for Palais de Tokyo, The Artist’s Institute, Watermill Center, Villa Gillet and FIAF. Last year she co-curated Impakt Festival in the Netherlands.

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