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Shamanic Divination and Prophecy Workshop

with ChokBar

Wednesday, August 29, 2018
7:00 PM–9:00 PM
Sold Out

If you’ve ever meditated, you know the power of a focused, altered, consciousness. In the Tuvan shamanic tradition, divination and prophecy are used to achieve an extended state of consciousness, or trance state. Learn key elements of this practice in a workshop led by Tuvan shamaness ChokBar.

Any number of tools can be used in divination work. Participants will utilize various forms of meditation, including sound, movement, Power Animal dance, and stillness, in order to practice the shamanic state of consciousness.

ChokBar will present the sacred, ancient form of the Tuvan Divination system, called Chuvaanak, which uses 41 small river stones that are understood to each have their own consciousness. This sophisticated system yields 3,000 possible combinations tied into mathematical law.


Workshop participants will be asked to participate in movement and dance meditation. They should be sure to:

“¢Wear comfortable clothing
“¢Bring a yoga mat, rattles, and/or bells
“¢Bring an offering of one or more of the following: flowers, milk, white sugar, white rice, cheese, strong black tea, chocolate in shiny wrapping, carrots, cookies
“¢41 small river stones (optional)


About the Presenter

Larisa Koronowski (ChokBar) had a mystical experience of light entering her body during meditation, after which she was able to assist people in healing. Despite coming from a long line of shamanic healers, she long resisted the calling, taking up jobs as a German language teacher and then as an interpreter at the Government of the Republic of Tuva at the Ministry of National Policy. Over the last 15 years she went through a deep transformation of consciousness with the assistance of the Spirits of her Ancestors and was transformed into a native Tuvan hereditary shamaness named ChokBar. She does one-on-one sessions, workshops, seminars, lectures, and shamanic circles in the United States and abroad.

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