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Shamanic Power Animal Workshop

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
7:00 PM–9:00 PM
Sold Out

White Shamaness ChokBar from the south Siberian region of Tuva will cleanse and guide you to an understanding of what a power animal is.

In this shamanic workshop you will gain deeper understanding and appreciation of what shamanism is and isn’t.

  • What is a “power animal”?
  • How does one becomes a shaman?
  • Who are the “spirits”?
  • What do shamans actually do?
  • How to choose a shaman?
  • How to experience a shamanic meditation

Participants will be asked to do movement and dance meditation.


Wear comfortable clothing

Bring a yoga mat

Bring an offering of one or more of the following:

Flowers, milk, white sugar, wihte rice, cheese, strong black tea, chocolate in shiny wrapping, carrots, cookies.

Observers will be seated.

Your ticket also includes an optional pre-program tour at 6:15 PM of the exhibition Becoming Another: The Power of Masks.

About the Workshop Leader

Several years prior to becoming a shaman Larisa Koronowski had a mystical experience of light entering her body during meditation, after which she was able to assist people in healing. Despite coming from a long line of shamanic healers, she long resisted the calling, taking up jobs as a German language teacher and then as an interpreter at the Government of the Republic of Tuva at the Ministry of National Policy.

She is a now a native Tuvan hereditary Shamaness and is willing to share her secrets.