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Cabaret Cinema

July 18–19, 2014
10:30 PM–12:30 AM

Free ticket with a $10 K2 minimum.
1973, US, Woody Allen, 88 min.
Starring Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, John Beck
Introduced by PsychotherapistMaggie Robbins.
When Miles, a neurotic health food store owner played by Woody Allen, goes in for a routine gall bladder operation, he never expects to wake up 200 years in the future. He finds himself working as a spy in the midst of a rebellion before his true identity is revealed and he has to go on the lam. This slapstick science fiction film co-stars Diane Keaton as Allen’s accomplice and love interest.
Movie Medicine Facts
The outdoor shots of the hospital were filmed at the Table Mesa Laboratory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.
Woody Allen confirmed the scientific feasibility of his screenplay ideas in a single lunchtime meeting with Isaac Asimov. Allen also consulted with leading science fiction writer Ben Bova to make sure that some of his futuristic predictions were feasible.
The device used to give injections is actually a “desoldering vacuum” (used for disassembling electronic components) that has been painted white.