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Scott Kellogg + Ramon N. Prats

Wednesday, July 19, 2017
7:00 PM–8:30 PM

This isn’t your average book club. Break open the Tibetan Book of the Dead with Buddhist scholar Ramon Prats and draw comparisons between the ancient text and modern-day perspectives on mortality.

Club Meeting #6: On Addiction

Enlightenment is only open to those who have succeeded in ridding themselves of all attachments. Otherwise, according to The Tibetan Book of the Dead, we are condemned to be reborn on the wheel of suffering (samsara). What is an attachment in medical terms? What is the line between addiction and attachment? Clinical psychologist Scott Kellogg discusses on July 19.


About the Speakers

Scott Kellogg received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the CUNY Graduate Center, and he is currently a clinical assistant professor in the department of psychology at New York University. He was previously on the faculties of Rockefeller University, the Yale University School of Medicine, and the Program in Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Teachers College/Columbia University. Kellogg is the past president of the Division on Addictions of the New York State Psychological Association and a co-director of the Harm Reduction and Mental Health Project at New York University. He is an ISST-certified Schema Therapist and he has also received training in Gestalt Therapy. He is currently in private practice in New York City. Kellogg has created the Transformational Chairwork approach and is currently teaching this method of psychotherapeutic dialogue to practitioners in the United States and abroad. In his writings he has looked at such topics as addiction treatment, identity theory, trauma and violence, contingency management, harm reduction, and assessment. He is the author of Transformational Chairwork: Using Psychotherapeutic Dialogues in Clinical Practice (2014).

Ramon N. Prats was the first person to translate The Tibetan Book of the Dead into Spanish. He holds a doctoral degree in Tibetan Studies from the Oriental Institute of the University of Naples (Italy), where he was associate professor of Tibetan language and literature from 1980 to 1995. He was subsequently appointed professor of Buddhist studies at the Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona (Spain). From 2006 to 2009 he was Senior Curator at the Rubin Museum of Art, where he organized an exhibition on the Bardo Thodrol, among others. Ramon Prats has more than sixty publications to his credit.

Standard Program Admission: $25

Standard Program Admission (Members): $22.50