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Sound Bath

Saturday, February 25, 2017
3:30 PM–5:00 PM

The OM-in comes to a close with an immersive, meditative sound bath experience in the Spiral Lobby, created by sound therapy practitioner and founder of Atonal Meditation, Alex Falk.

OM Lab is made possible through the generosity of HARMAN. Additional support provided by contributors to the 2017 Exhibitions Fund.


About the speaker


Alex Falk is a certified sound therapy practitioner, musician, audio producer, emcee, and educator. Since 2013, Alex has been facilitating public sound baths and large-scale meditation events individually and with his long-time partner, sound therapy practitioner and meditation teacher Sara Auster. He is a continuing facilitator for the Big Quiet and has partnered with meditation and wellness programs like Medi-Club, Ziva Meditation, and Sound Off NYC. He has offered sound baths at venues such as Lincoln Center, the Rubin Museum, and Central Park SummerStage.

In 2014 he left his job in the music industry and began introducing the healing and transformative power of sound to one of NYC’s critically underserved populations: public school students. He has since brought mindfulness and meditation programs into public elementary and high schools across the five boroughs. Alex is focused on making meditation and the healing power sound accessible to everyone. His teaching and facilitation guides students through sound meditations and mindfulness practices, giving them the tools to access and support states of deep relaxation.