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Sound Immersion for Mind, Body, and Heart

with Maraliz Campos

Friday, August 23, 2019
7:00 PM–8:30 PM
Sold Out

Shift from unconscious reactions to mindful responses through the vibrational vehicle of sound.

We constantly receive sensory input from the world around us, often leaving us in a state of triggered fight or flight. This means that we go through our lives with the repeated physical experience of shortened breath, tightened muscles, and heightened alertness. Our nervous system has pathways connecting our physical and emotional processes, both above and below the level of conscious awareness. This gives us the opportunity to influence our long-established patterns by rewiring the way we handle sensory triggers. Instead of stress reaction, we teach the brain and body to cultivate a relaxation response in the face of intense, unexpected, and new information.

Maraliz Campos, has created Sonic Mindfulness, an innovative technique that combines intentional breath work, highly curated sensory stimulation, ASMR, live instrumentation, vocal looping, and other ancient and modern techniques. Join her for an evening of self-exploration and neuroplastic reprogramming in a performative space of invited curiosity.

About the Performer

Maraliz Campos (ikåtu) is a Paraguayan-American sound artist who has turned extreme chronic pain into a muse. As a sound practitioner and wellness guide, she challenges widely accepted industry narratives. Vice Tonic applauded her Rational Wellness work as steering the industry towards increased diversity, and Wanderlust named her 35 Under 35 in Wellness to Watch for her pioneering soundscapes. She is the creator of Sonic Wellness, a unique sound meditation technique combining ASMR, vocal looping, unique sonic textures, and live instruments.

A Latina living with chronic pain, she has teamed up with the Rubin Museum to promote accessibility, inclusivity, and wellness for all. When DJing, she is fluent across genres: ambient, industrial and experimental techno, house, low-fi, world. Her live sets are an amalgamation of rich sound traditions, modern tech, field recordings, and voice/instrument looping. Maraliz’s deck work is informed by her training as a certified sound practitioner, meditation facilitator, DJ, and sound designer. Her workshops, sensory events, original recordings, and teacher trainings occur around the United States, and her articles can be found on wellness blogs including Huffpost Thrive, Alchemist’s Kitchen, and more.

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Please bring a yoga mat and dress in comfortable, warm clothing, as participants will be lying down for the majority of the workshop.

You are also welcome to bring a blanket and pillow for additional comfort.