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Shamanic Sound Healing Workshop

with ChokBar

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
7:00 PM–9:00 PM

White Shamaness ChokBar from the southern Siberian region of Tuva returns to the Rubin Museum to guide participants through a workshop on sound as healing and spirit. In this workshop, participants will use sound and movement to create a healing trance state of consciousness.

The workshop will include a silent opening meditation followed by a lecture on how sound can be used as a healing tool. Participants will be instructed on the state of mind in which is best to approach the movement and meditation activities of the workshop.

An extended version of this workshop will take place on June 17.

Workshop participants will be asked to participate in movement and dance meditation. They should be sure to:

“¢Wear comfortable clothing
“¢Bring a yoga mat, rattles, and/or bells
“¢Bring an offering of one or more of the following: flowers, milk, white sugar, white rice, cheese, strong black tea, chocolate in shiny wrapping, carrots, cookies


About the Presenter

Larisa Koronowski (ChokBar) had a mystical experience of light entering her body during meditation, after which she was able to assist people in healing. Despite coming from a long line of shamanic healers, she long resisted the calling, taking up jobs as a German language teacher and then as an interpreter at the Government of the Republic of Tuva at the Ministry of National Policy. She is a now a native Tuvan hereditary shamaness and is willing to share her secrets.

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