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Tao Porchon-Lynch + Karl A. Pillemer

The Secret to a Good Life

Saturday, December 17, 2016
3:00 PM–4:30 PM
Sold Out

Psychologist Karl Pillemer interviewed more than a thousand Americans over the age of 65 to learn the secrets of a good life. Here he sits down with the redoubtable Tao Porchon Lynch, who, at 98, is still teaching yoga. Among her teachers were legendary mind/body practitioners like Sri Aurobindo, BKS Iyengar, K Pattabhi Jois, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. She marched with Mahatma Gandhi in the 1930 Salt March, helped Jews escape the Nazis as a French Resistance fighter during World War II, and walked with Martin Luther King.

“One of the most acclaimed yoga teachers of our century, Tao Porchon-Lynch is a mentor to me who embodies the spirit of yoga and is an example of Ageless Body Timeless Mind. Like yoga, she teaches us to let go and to have exquisite awareness in every moment.” —Deepak Chopra

A book signing of Karl Pillemer’s Lessons for Living and Tao Porchon-Lynch’s Dancing Light: The Spiritual Side of Being Through the Eyes of a Modern Yoga Master will follow the program.

About the Speakers

Tao Porchon-Lynch is a 98-year old yoga master, activist, model, actress, film producer, wine connoisseur, newspaper publisher, and ballroom dancer. She started yoga in 1926 when “girls didn’t do yoga” and still conducts weekly classes in Westchester. Her mantra, “There Is Nothing You Cannot Do” is exemplified by having marched with Mahatma Gandhi in 1930, to dancing on America’s Got Talent in 2015.

Karl Pillemer is the director of the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research and the Hazel E. Reed Professor in the department of human development and a professor of gerontology in medicine at the Weill Cornell Medical College. Pillemer also directs the Cornell Legacy Project , and is the author of the book 30 Lessons for Living and 30 Lessons for Loving. His major interest is human development over life’s course, with a special emphasis on family and social relationships in middle age and beyond.

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