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The Party

Cabaret Cinema

Friday, November 18, 2016
9:30 PM–11:00 PM

1968, USA, Blake Edwards, 99 min.

Introduced by author Amanda Stern

In the brilliant slapstick comedy The Party, Peter Sellers plays the accident-prone Indian actor Hrundi V. Bakshi. Fired from one of his film roles in Hollywood, Bakshi is inadvertently invited to an upscale dinner party hosted by the studio head’s wife. The result is a smorgasbord of brilliant sight gags presented on a set that captures every mid-century enthusiast’s dream home.

The Party may very well be one of the most radically experimental films in Hollywood history; in fact it may be the single most radical film since D. W. Griffith’s style came to dominate the American cinema.” —Peter Lehman and William Luhr


About the speaker

Amanda Stern was born and raised in Greenwich Village, New York and currently resides in Brooklyn. Her articles and short stories have been published in various American and European magazines and anthologies. She’s published eleven novels, nine for children, one for adults, and one novel of literary fiction, The Long Haul. Amanda also worked in film, as assistant to directors such as Ted Hope and James Schamus. As creator of The Happy Ending Music and Reading Series, she has produced over 250 shows and has welcomed over 700 creative artists.

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