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Yoga Connections

Keely Garfield

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
6:00 PM–6:45 PM


Discover the connections between yoga and the traditions expressed in Himalayan art.

Yoga is a system of philosophy and practice that seeks to help people align their body and mind in order to transform their experience. One translation of yoga is “yoke,” the tool used to connect an ox to a plough. Like yoga, the art objects in our collection, intended for ritual purposes as well as aesthetic ones, seek to link the worldly and the transcendent.



About the Speaker

Keely Rakushin Garfield joyfully participates in the great body of the world as a dancer, teacher, and therapist. At the heart of her dedicated engagement in both the arts and wellness are a spirit of philosophical inquiry and compassionate concern. Garfield is an acclaimed choreographer with her company Keely Garfield Dance as well as a dance professor and cultural curator. She is a seasoned yoga instructor, Reiki Master, meditation teacher, and Urban Zen Integrative Therapist (UZIT). Lay-ordained in Soto Zen Buddhism, her path of practice and service continues to shape her work in oncology and hospice and is central in her creative endeavor.

Tickets: $15.00