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Yoga Connections Tour

International Yoga Day

Sunday, June 21, 2015
3:00 PM–3:45 PM

Discover the art of the Himalayas in connection to yogic traditions and ideas with a special guided tour on International Yoga Day. Tours last approximately 45 minutes, and meet at the foot of the stairs in the Museum’s main entrance. This tour is free with gallery admission and reservations are not required.

Until the 20th century, yoga was the practice of very few. Its early ascetic traditions have roots in both Hinduism and Buddhism, and were initially practiced by those looking for a spiritual life outside of society.

Early yogis cut their ties to society, lived in caves, and began developing postures as a way to prepare and sustain their meditation practices by keeping their bodies strong.

The traditions diversified over thousands of years from these early beginnings, becoming a practice of Indian royalty, and eventually making their way to the West.

Included with price of admission.