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Yoga Connections

With Edward Jones

Wednesday, December 9, 2015
6:00 PM–6:45 PM

Discover the connections between yoga and the traditions expressed in Himalayan art.

Yoga is a system of philosophy and practice that seeks to help people align their body and mind in order to transform their experience. One translation of yoga is “yoke,” the tool used to connect an ox to a plough. Like yoga, the art objects in our collection, intended for ritual purposes as well as aesthetic ones, seek to link the worldly and the transcendent.

In December’s program Now Yoga New York teacher Edward Jones, who is trained in alignment-based vinyasa yoga, will discuss the intersection of yoga philosophy, Buddhism, and psychology.

About the Speaker

Edward Jones attended his first yoga class in 2001 and he was immediately hooked. In 2005 he completed Om Yoga Teacher Training with Jennifer Brilliant and began teaching at Om the same month. An interest in dealing with anxiety and depression led him to become certified in restorative yoga. As he then deepened his interest in Buddhist studies, he became a trained meditation teacher. After Om Yoga Center closed in 2012, he joined fellow Om faculty in founding Now Yoga New York.

Jones is currently training as a modern psychoanalyst at the New York Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. He is energized by the intersection of yoga philosophy, Buddhism, and psychology and seeks to draw from these three deep and potent sources for the benefit of his students and clients.

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