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Yogishri + Bijan Sabet

Investing in Letting Go

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
7:00 PM–8:30 PM

In the business world, success is equated with material gain. The premise of venture capitalist Bijan Sabet’s business is to invest in order to earn more, and his early investment in digital platforms like Twitter and Tumblr could be described as prescient. But does this type of success yield happiness? In their first time meeting together, the whizz investor Sabet and the Himalayan spiritual master Yogishri will search for what happiness we can hope to find beyond cashing in.

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About the Speakers

Yogishri Sudarshan Kannan is a world renowned philosopher, spiritual master and management exponent. He is the founder of Infinite Wings, whose mission is to serve humanity by imparting the subtler techniques of living. Yogishri has a multifaceted background in vedanta, business management, psychology, mathematics, yoga, and music. For more than 3 decades he has done research on ancient wisdom and its practical application in contemporary living.

Yogishri’s spiritual journey started at a very young age which later led to his years of solitude and intense Yogic practices with the elusive and sought after sages and siddhas of the Himalayas. He imparts this sacred wisdom which helps one unlock the hidden secrets from within – a transformative approach for a wide spectrum of people ranging from top-level CEOs and business leaders to seekers from all walks of life.

Bijan Sabet is a co-founder and general partner at Spark Capital, focusing on early-stage investing. He is best known for his prescient investments in social media successes Twitter and Tumblr, where he served on the board of directors). He primarily invests in digital canvases and online communities (Crowdrise, acquired by GoFundMe; Trello, which sold to Atlassian for $425 million), often gravitating toward startups after becoming a passionate user of the product. Before becoming an investor, Bijan led product management and business development teams at a number of startups including Moxi Digital (acquired by Digeo) and WebTV Networks (acquired by Microsoft Corporation). Bijan holds a BS degree from Boston College and is an outspoken supporter of civil liberties. Running quite counter to his investment in things digital is his hobby of still film photography.

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