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From India East

Sculpture of Devotion from the Brooklyn Museum

May 31, 2013–July 28, 2014

From India East presents sculptures from the Asian art collection of the Brooklyn Museum. The works were chosen by the Rubin Museum’s curators to trace the development of Buddhist and Hindu sculpture back to its roots in the art of ancient India. The year-long exhibition includes art from Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, and Japan. The loan was made possible by the Brooklyn Museum’s temporary closing of its Asian art galleries.

The Rubin Museum made a selection of objects according to a concept that connects with its own collection: tracing back the origins of Buddhist and Hindu sculptural art in Asia to its roots, showing the stylistic evolution by both geographic distribution and time period. This means that the oldest examples of Indian art, be they Buddhist or Hindu in origin, have been chosen as various kinds of prototypes by which a more wide-spread evolution of Asian art can be identified.

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