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Written on the Wind

The Flag Project

September 14, 2007–February 11, 2008

Celebrating the opening of RMA in 2004, more than 120 modern versions of traditional Tibetan prayer flags were created by contemporary artists from around the world. Prayer flags, dar cho in Tibetan, are a means of spreading good fortune to all beings and have been a part of Himalayan cultures for thousands of years, dating back to the pre-Buddhist Bon tradition. It is said that the wind that touches the flags will carry the beneficial power of the prayers and bless any beings it meets. This project established a dialogue between RMA’s mission—to protect and promote awareness of Himalayan cultures—and the vibrant voices within the contemporary art world. The exhibition featured a selection of visual works that, as flags, fluttered across the facade at the opening of the museum and represented the intersection of contemporary vision and traditional form.

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