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Birthday Art Labs

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Birthday Art Lab Themes

Instruments of Our Own

For thousands of years humans have been making and playing musical instruments, constantly inventing new instruments and modifying existing ones to produce different sounds and mimic the sounds we hear from animals. In the galleries you’ll listen to the story of a small but courageous jungle hero and join in a scavenger hunt for real and imaginary creatures from around the world. Journey back to the art studio to make and play your own musical instruments during this music-themed art lab. Together we will build on the human tradition of instrument making.

Super Sculptors

Squish, squeeze, and mold during our Super Sculptors Birthday Art Lab. Search the galleries to find fascinating Himalayan sculptures and learn how they were made. Then, let your imagination run wild as you make your own imaginary creatures out of clay. Use sequins, gemstones, and glitter to make your sculpture shimmer.

Hybrid Animals

Many of the powerful deities in the Museum’s collection are hybrid creatures. From Ganesha, a human-elephant hybrid, to Naga, a snake-like creature, and Garuda, the king of birds. According to Buddhist and Hindu tradition, animals contain the potential for enlightenment, and humans and animals are linked by past lives – making them part of a single family. Learn more about these hybrid figures and create your own hybrid creature with endless combinations and powers. The only limit is your imagination!