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If you are planning on attending next Sunday’s Rubin Museum Block Party, brace yourself for fun! Not only should you be ready for free gallery tours, performances, and tasty snacks, but prepare to spend your afternoon making arts and crafts. We’ve prepared activities for visitors of all ages, each project designed to celebrate Nepal’s monsoon festivals and culture with connections to the art and ideas of the region. Here are just a few of the many activities you can look forward to:

1) Rainsticks


Celebrate the monsoon rains by creating and decorating your own rainstick. Listen to the sound of rain even on a sunny day!

2) Indra Crowns


Dress like a king, queen, or deity by decorating a crown inspired by Indra, whose headpiece is adorned with leafy cloud patterns.

3) Tissue Paper Lotus Flowers

Create a blooming lotus flower for yourself or someone special. Bring the flower up to the exhibition Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Ritual and present it as an offering to your favorite artwork.

4) Frog Masks


Create a frog mask and pretend to be a hopping critter! Visit the fifth floor and listen to frogs croaking as you walk through the galleries. Frogs love the monsoon rains and Nepali people give frogs gifts to help the rains come.

5) Prayer Flags


Add your wish to a string of wishes. They will be dedicated to the people impacted by last year’s earthquakes in Nepal.

6) Hybrid Animals

 photo hybrid_animal_video_r2_zps8w39j1tn.gif

Get inspired by the hybrid animals in the exhibition Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Ritual and then create your own. Make the wackiest hybrid you can think of!

7) Pinwheels

 photo 1_zpsiqkh0tv6.gif

Great for a windy day or running down the block. Pinwheels are used in the Nepali tradition of Sitha Nakha, a festival that takes place every May and June in hopes of a good monsoon season.

8) Banner


Whether you love sunny skies or rainy days, make a festival banner to hang on your door or wall.

If you haven’t already, save the date and join us for our Block Party celebration inspired by the current exhibition Nepalese Seasons: Rain and Ritual.