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On select Wednesdays, the Museum hosts lunchtime screenings of short documentaries followed by moderated discussions. Visitors are welcome to bring their lunch from the museum Café into the theater for this program.

Below you’ll find a list of our 2014 “Lunch Matters” films.

1/8/14 | Souls of Zen
2012, Germany, Tim Graf and Jakob Montrasio, 60min.
Special guest Rev. Dr. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki, D. Min.

1/15/14 Miracle of Weebosch, moderated by writer Nathan Schneider

1/22/14 The Heir/Urban Tundra, moderated by author and Galltin Professor Scott Korb

1/29/14 Mashti Eshmaeil, moderated by NYU Professor Ali Mirsepassi

2/5/14 Best of Brainwave: Black + Allan, moderated by NYU Neuroscientist Dr. Annegret Falkner

2/12/14 Best of Brainwave: R. L. Stine + LeDoux, moderated by NYU Neuroscientist Dr. Joey Dunsmoor

2/19/14 Best of Brainwave: Barsalou + Salzberg, moderated by Dr. Judith Blackstone

2/26/14 Best of Brainwave: Hussain + Horowitz, moderated by Dr. Benedikte Scheiby

3/5/14 Mind Over Matter: Mongolia/The Red Pill, moderated by April Coughlin

3/12/14 Mind Over Matter: The Record Breaker, moderated by Ashrita Furman

3/19/14 Mind Over Matter: Keeper of the Mountains, moderated by Louis Reichardt

3/26/14 Vultures of Tibet, moderated by Mitchel Levy

4/2/14 Journey of the Blue Buddha, moderated by Joseph Loizzo

4/9/14 The Blue Buddha in Russia, moderated by Nikolay Tsyrempilov

4/16/14 Journey to Yarsa, moderated by Eugenia Bone

4/23/14 Those Who Care, moderated by Peeka Trenkle

4/30/14 Sastun, moderated by Ina Vandebroek

5/7/14 Kau Faito’o, moderated by Nicole Egenberger

5/14/14 Kallawaya, moderated by Donna Henes

5/21/14 Everything Must Come to Light, moderated by Sarah Eve Cardell

5/28/14 The Legacy of Antonio Lorenzano, moderated by Itzhak Beery

6/4/14 Spirits of Africa, moderated by Lee Van Zyl

6/11/14 Medium is the Masseuse & Jero Tapakan, moderated by Julie MacDonald

7/9/14 Long Shot: Chi, moderated by Dr. Janet Yeh (Perlmutter Cancer Center, NYU)

7/16/14 Long Shot: The Best Fight, moderated by Lauren Bey, NP (Perlmutter Cancer Center, NYU)

7/23/14 Health, Wealth & Happiness: Philip Seymour Hoffman + Simon Critchley, moderated by Justin von Bujdoss

7/30/14 Health, Wealth & Happiness: A.M Homes & Mark Epstein, Dr. Miles Neale, moderated by psychologist (Nalanda Institute)

8/6/14 Health, Wealth & Happiness: Elaine Stritch + Murali Doraiswamy, Dr. Pilar Jennings, moderated by psychologist (Nalanda Institute)

8/14/14 Health, Wealth & Happiness: Michael C. Hall + Kevin Dutton, Dr. Pilar Jennings, moderated by psychologist (Nalanda Institute)

8/20/14 Health, Wealth & Happiness: Liev Schreiber + Jesse Prinz, Dr. Jeffrey Rubin, moderated by psychologist (Nalanda Institute)

8/27/14 Health, Wealth & Happiness: Laurie Anderson + Daniel Gilbert, Dr. Joseph Loizzo, moderated by psychologist (Nalanda Institute)

9/3/14 Phantom India – The Impossible Camera, moderated by Prof. Arvind Rajagopal, Media, Culture and Communication (NYU)

9/10/14 Phantom India – Things Seen in Madras, moderated by Aparna Frank, PhD Candidate, Cinema Studies (NYU)

9/17/14 Phantom India – The Indian and the Sacred, moderated by Prof. Paula Chakravartty, Media, Culture and Communications (NYU)

9/24/14 Phantom India – Dream and Reality, moderated by Prof. Richard Allen, Cinema Studies (NYU)

10/1/14 Phantom India – Look at Castes, moderated by Prof. Rachel McDermott, Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures (Barnard/Columbia)

10/8/14 Phantom India – On the Fringes of Indian Society, moderated by Prof. Manu Goswami, History (NYU)

10/15/14 Phantom India – Bombay, moderated by Prof. Ravi Kalia, History (CUNY)