The Rubin is transforming. Read important updates from our Executive Director.

In the final week of The Rubin Daily Offering, artists with ties to the Himalayan region share creative practices that inspire their work, inviting us to think creatively and collaboratively.

In this episode, Rubin Museum Executive Director Jorrit Britschgi tells the story of the yogi and poet Milarepa. His dark past and transformation highlight our ability to change and grow, despite tumultuous beginnings. Grammy-nominated Nepalese musician Manose then improvises a piece on the bamboo flute inspired by Milarepa. He asks us to not only listen to our environments in new ways but also to resonate with the silence.

Manose is a Grammy-nominated Nepalese musician. Trained in classical raga and a master of many styles, Manose Singh performs as a solo and group artist with kirtan luminaries Deva Premal & Miten and with tabla maestro Swapan Chowdhury.