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Today, March 4, is Employee Appreciation Day and the perfect time to share our latest Staff Art Pick blog post. This month, Rubin team member Naina expresses her interest in one of our objects on display in the exhibition, Gateway to Himalayan Art.

What’s your name and title at the Museum?

My name is Naina Ramrakhani and I am the Special Events & Group Visits Coordinator here at the Rubin.

What does your job entail?

Since my job is split between two departments, there is a good balance between administrative work and more hands-on, events work. Half of my job involves being at my desk scheduling tours, processing payments, updating outlines and other logistical matters. The other half of my job involves showing potential clients around the Museum, setting up for private rentals and connecting with guests during our K2 and Himalayan Happy Hours.

Which art object did you select?
I selected the Wheel of Existence (or Wheel of Life), which is part of our permanent collection in our exhibit called Gateway to Himalayan Art.

Why did you select this object over any of the others? Why is this object special to you?

I really like this piece because it can be interpreted in so many ways and can mean something to anyone regardless of their knowledge of the history behind the painting. The colors and shapes are beautiful”¦ and quite mesmerizing! Since it is a wheel, it always makes me think of karma and the popular saying, “What goes around, comes around.” The imagery in this piece shows various beings sort of dancing and floating through their existence; it reminds me of the different stages of growth that we all go through during life.

This piece always leaves me feeling really motivated and fired up. It somehow reminds me that I am the cause of my own fate, and that my actions will eventually find their way back to me. It makes me want to go forward with my day at no less than one hundred percent.

Wheel of Life; Tibet; 19th century; Pigments on cloth; Rubin Museum of Art; C2006.66.131 (HAR 78)

See the Wheel of Existence and the full Gateway to the Himalayas exhibition on an Exhibition Highlights Tour. Tours run twice a day and are included with admission.