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  • Life After: The Bardo Transcript

Fortunate one, helplessly driven by the winds of karma, your awareness is unstable like a feather blown by the wind, spinning and fluttering. You tell the mourners “I am here, don’t cry.” Again, you feel great suffering as they don’t hear you. Don’t suffer like that. There is an appearance of continuous twilight gray as the pre-dawn autumn sky. Neither day nor night. This kind of bardo can last one, two, three, four, five, six, or seven weeks up to 49 days. It is said that most people suffer the existence bardo for about 21 days. It is due to the power of karma, so it is uncertain.

Fortunate one, at this time, the terrifying, unbearable red wind of karma ruling fiercely will drive you from behind. Do not be afraid of it. It is your mistaken projection. A frightening, thick darkness helplessly draws you from the front. There are loud cries of strike and kill. Don’t be afraid of them. Those with great negativities will see karmic cannibalistic monsters, brandishing various weapons, shouting war cries and strike and kill. Many ferocious carnivorous animals will appear and you will be hunted by troops and go into blizzards, storms, and fogs. You will hear the sounds of landslides, floods, firestorms, and hurricanes. In panic, you will try to escape and end up at the edge of a triple abyss, white, red, and black in color, deep and dreadful, and you will be almost falling in.