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  • The Botanica

The Botanica is an installation and pop-up shop at the Rubin Museum of Art that will explore the boundaries between commercial, ritual, and artistic space. Inspired by the tradition of voodoo and santeria botanicas — religious and magical supply shops in the Americas — the Botanica will include art objects created as affordable multiples in limited editions, alongside a window installation by Michael Bühler-Rose and TM Davy.

The Botanica’s objects will evoke those found in a traditional botanica, and will engage themes of art-making as ritual practice, artist as shaman or medium, and art object as sacred object that has the potential to activate healing, self-transformation, and spiritual revelation.

Participating artists include Matthew Schreiber, Damien Echols, Rachel Stern, Alexandra Forsyth, Amelia Bauer, Steve Pestana, Naomi Ben-Shahar, Kathryn Garcia, Matthew Leifheit, Gigi Gatewood, Sheila Gallagher, Kent Rogowski, TM Davy, and Michael Bühler-Rose.

The Botanica will be on display at the Rubin Museum of Art from May 11 through June 10, 2016.

Co-organized by Amy Goudge, Michael Bühler-Rose and TM Davy