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Group Tour Themes

Founder’s Favorites

The seeds of the Rubin Museum were planted when Shelley and Donald Rubin felt a powerful connection to a painting of White Tara while traveling in the Himalayas. The experience inspired them to begin collecting Himalayan art, and to eventually found the Rubin Museum. This tour spotlights some of their most beloved pieces.

Mindfulness Explore deep thinking and awareness, using art as a lens for mindful practice. We will delve into the Rubin’s collection through slow, focused contemplation, engaging all the senses.

Yoga Connections

Discover meaningful connections between Himalayan art and the philosophy and practice of yoga.

Face Your Fears!

Challenge yourself and push boundaries as we explore both the serene and the powerful images of protection in Himalayan art.

Female Empowerment

Discover the stories and rituals of powerful female figures in Himalayan art.

The Secret World of Tantra

There’s more to Tantra than you might think! Join us for a special tour to illuminate the esoteric practices and rituals of Tantra.

Architecture & Design in the Himalayas

Discover connections between the Rubin Museum’s architecture and the design and structure of traditional art from the Himalayan region. This tour will make comparisons between built architectural spaces and the principles, materials, and techniques employed by artists from the Himalayas.

Altered States Tour

Learn about the connections between transcendent spiritual practices and psychoactive substances on a special Museum tour.

Himalayan Highlights Tour

Explore highlights from the Rubin Museum collection, including masterpieces of Buddhist and Hindu artwork from the Himalayan region.

An Out-of-Office Experience: Team Building at the Rubin Museum

Communicate better with your colleagues and understand their working styles by drawing parallels to the powerful deities depicted in Himalayan Art. These archetypal figures provide clues to common personality types that exist around the world””and in your office.

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