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  • Professional Development Packages

The Rubin Museum of Art offers dynamic professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers of all levels and subjects. Explore the role of object-based learning in the 21st Century, consider the intersections of museum engagement strategies and classroom teaching, and discover the art and culture the Himalayas, India and neighboring regions alongside the Rubin’s dedicated team of museum educators.

Programs incorporate unique guided tours, hands-on activities in our state-of-the-art Education Center, and curriculum development sessions to consider strategies for connecting with the museum’s resources, methodologies, and exhibitions.

Professional Development Packages for Schools

The Rubin Museum of Art has a lot to offer schools interested in helping teachers build teamwork, curriculum, and engagement. Schedule a professional development workshop for a team of educators!

Professional Development Packages can take place at the Rubin Museum of Art or at your school, and include:

  • $500 for a 3-hour session
  • Introduction to Himalayan art and geography
  • Special interactive gallery tours (at museum only)
  • Hands-on art-making activities
  • Integrated curriculum strategies
  • Educator resources for the classroom
  • Complimentary museum passes for participants

Contact us today to schedule a workshop for your team:
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Package Themes

Fostering Curiosity with the Art of Himalayan Asia
Explore various museum education engagement strategies and see inquiry, storytelling, art-making, and movement can help both students and teachers engage with art and support classroom curriculum.

Artifact Investigations
Handle authentic objects from the Himalayas and explore how artifacts as well as everyday objects can support and enhance classroom teaching.

Mindfulness in Education
Consider the role of mindfulness in learning, and use the Rubin Museum’s collection to find new ways to be more mindful in your own teaching practice.

Storytelling in Himalayan Art
Delve into the stories depicted in Himalayan art and discover how storytelling can help students learn about and make connections to content.

Cultural Diffusion and the Silk Road: Tracing the Spread of Buddhism
Explore the spread of ideas and how the belief system that we now know as Buddhism came to be.

Materials and Techniques
Make connections between Himalayan geography, natural resources, and art materials through close observation and discussion in the galleries and art-making.

Geography and Himalayan Art
Unearth the connections between the tallest mountains on the planet and the art of central Asia by looking at how landscape and geography are depicted in the Rubin Museum collection.

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