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  • Nepal Earthquake Relief

On this page you will find:

These humanitarian organizations are working on the ground in Nepal, providing disaster relief. Please support generously:

The Rubin also recommends the support of these initiatives, who provide immediate and effective help, with long-term benefits:

  • Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust –Safeguarding the extraordinary and threatened architectural heritage of the Kathmandu Valley
  • Karuna-Shechen –Matthieu Ricard’s charity
  • HealthRight International –Following Nepal’s second massive earthquake, HealthRight is partnering with a local clinic to deliver medical care and critical humanitarian aid to those in need.
  • READ Global –Community centers, libraries, and economic empowerment centers
  • Internews –Disaster relief needs information and communication to coordinate efforts
  • Possible/America Nepal Medical Foundation –A hospital and primary care facility that is networked across Western Nepal
  • Ghar Sita Mutu –“House With a Heart,” A home for abandoned children, an education center for impoverished women and children, and an outreach program for needy families in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • The Mountain Institute –Conserving mountain ecosystems and empowering the people in mountain communities
  • Yulha Fund –Climate Resilience in the Himalayas
  • Shanti School –Orphanage in Kathmandu, initiated by Elena Brower
  • Abari –Socially and environmentally committed design and construction, celebrating the vernacular architectural tradition of Nepal
  • Gurung Society –Initiative by Ashok Gurung to re-build schools and community centers in most affected rural villages in Nepal
  • America Nepal Friendship Society –Immediate and long term relief (food, medicine, housing, schools) via local community organizations, with government permission
  • Heart Beat –Distributing food, medical and water supplies with a focus on helping homeless youth
  • ACHA Himalayan Sisterhood –A group of Himalayan women living in the United States supporting immediate and long-term relief efforts
  • Rasuwa Relief Fund –Providing immediate relief as well as conceiving long-term initiatives for rebuilding and sustaining.
  • One Heart World Wide –Maternal-Child health NGO with projects in Sindhupalchok and Dhading districts, two of which are heavily impacted. Current work focuses on immediate medical and food/shelter needs. Longer-term focus will be on rebuilding destroyed health care infrastructure.
  • Drokpa –Focus is on (temporary but longer term than tents) housing solutions to villages in Mustang and northern Gorkha Districts, where casualties are low but infrastructure destruction (individual homes, monasteries, schools) is high.
  • ICCROM –Preservation and Reservation of Cultural Property
  • Waves for Water –Providing immediate and long term solutions for access to clean water
  • Gorkha Foundation –Providing tents, food and supplies to families and schools in the Gorkha district and other remote areas
  • Nepal Seeds –Contributing to the relief and rebuilding efforts of homes, schools, and health care centers in Nepal
  • Educate the Children –Rebuilding schools in Nepal

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