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  • Olivia Buscarino

Rubin Museum Educator since 2010

I connect to the art by thinking about ways that I can use our wonderful collection to inspire students to learn, create their own art, and to learn how to express their observation skills through careful looking and collaborative conversation in the galleries.

I love being able to interact with visitors and listen to their observations. The artwork comes alive when I am able to see it through the eyes of a first grader, or a seasoned visitor telling me aspects of the painting they have noticed on their most recent viewing.

When students observe things and hear their own voices as valid, and expound on what they are noticing within the painting, it is magical. Students get to think deeply about themselves and their classmates through the art here and thoughts become expressed through conversation and art. It is also wonderful to see our senior groups reflecting on their experiences through the pieces.

Typically leads tours?

Weekday mornings for our K-12 audience

Favorite tour themes?

Silk Roads, because it gives us a chance to talk about travel and the spread of ideas.

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